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I'm a product design student at Sheridan College. I've previously interned at Figma, Meta Reality Labs, and Intuit TurboTax. On weekends, I'm a Coach at Major League Hacking, where I support hackathons and hackathon organizers across Canada — my home country! ツ

Apart from design, I love fashion, jigsaw puzzles, fragrance, and literature — currently (Sept 2023), I'm reading Holding Pattern by Jenny Xie.

what i’m doing and what i've done

Product Design Intern — Intuit

Sept 2023 – Present

Making Turbotax Canada!

Product Design Intern — Figma

May 2023 — August 2023

There's nothing like summer in the city!

UI/UX Designer — Intuit

Jan 2023 — April 2023

Sole designer on an internal tool for logic authoring.

Product Design Intern — Meta

May 2022 — August 2022

Worked on social features. Shipped two significant features to enrich the messaging experience in virtual reality, as well as designed improvements for the Oculus mobile app.

Product Design Intern — Intuit

May 2021 — April 2022

End-to-end design for TurboTax Canada’s in-product experience. Worked on user research, prototyping, visual design, documentation, and more.

Hackathon Coach — Major League Hacking

May 2022 — Present

Supporting Hackathon organizers and mentoring hackers.

Advisor — Hackademics

April 2022 — Present

Advising the current executive team as past president. Promoting hackathons on campus through events and social outreach. Organizing Hackville 2023, Sheridan College's flagship hackathon.

Editorial Designer — HALOSCOPE Magazine

Feb 2021 — Present

Designing magazine layouts and graphics for digital and print. Defining and ensuring consistent issue branding. Assisting behind the scenes when needed.

Young Jury — Awwwards

Nov 2020 — Present

The Awwwards Young Jury is a panel formed of some of the most promising young talents in the field of digital design, tasked with scoring the sites submitted to Awwwards on a daily basis.

Designer — StrainBrain

Sept 2020 — May 2022

Currently designing engine experience and web presence. Creating illustrations and defining design systems to optimize for speed and consistency.

Design Intern — StrainBrain

Jan 2020 – Sept 2020

First designer at this fast-growing startup. Defined company branding and designed and developed the website.

President — Hackademics

Aug 2021 — Aug 2022

Led a team of designers and developers to promote hackathons on campus. Secured sponsorship and coordinated student events. Organized Hackville 2022.

Design Lead — Hackademics

Aug 2020 — Aug 2021

Led and mentored a team of designers, defined a visual system, and ensured consistent brand identity. Organized Hackville 2021.

Design Team Member — Hackademics

Sept 2019 — Aug 2020

Worked with a design system to create visuals for Hackademics events, including Hackville 2021.

Designer — McMaster Artificial Intelligence Society

Jan 2020 — May 2021

Designed logos, branding, marketing, and sponsorship material for Mac AI and its affiliates. Redesigned and developed the club website, vastly improving clarity, responsiveness, SEO, and overall visual design. Additionally designed branding and created visuals for MacHacks, the flagship hackathon hosted by Mac AI.

PAL Leader (Teaching Assistant) — Sheridan College

Sept 2020 — Apr 2021

Assisted in class and held group and one-on-one sessions to review course material for first-year web design and development courses.

Layout Designer — Sheridan Research

Sept 2020 — Mar 2021

Designed promotional material and layouts for the Sheridan Community Cookbook.

Copyeditor — HALOSCOPE Magazine

March 2020 — Jan 2021

Worked with creators to review writing by verifying information, checking for style and readability, rewriting text to improve clarity, and ensuring quality ready for publication.

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