App screens mocked up on iPhone screens, viewed from the top down


Seashells was designed for the Airbnb + Adobe Creative Jam, where we received an Honourable Mention out of 570 teams.

Travel memories have expanded beyond just photos: videos, notes, experiences, and more make up the collective memory of a trip. Travellers need a collaborative way to document, organize, and share their travel experiences — Seashells is a souvenir for the digital age.


  • ui/ux design
  • wireframes
  • prototyping


  • 36 hours
view prototype

the challenge

How might we create an authentic record of travel memories?

our solution

Seashells allows users to share photos, videos, and other media to a live feed over the course of a trip, which then creates a unique collection of memories.


We envisioned the primary users of Seashells to be groups of friends and families, but we wanted the experience to make sense for solo travelers as well.

Persona of a group of three friends who travel together. Their main frustration is syncing photos and videos from their numerous trips together
travel groups!
Persona of a young adult woman who likes to travel solo. Her main frustration is recalling the details of her travels and combining all of her travel artifacts
solo traveler!


Considering our personas and their needs, we developed the following insights:

Memories can manifest as many different media types

Travelers can look back on and ‘relive’ their travels

Users want to share and sync within their travel groups


We brainstormed ideas as a group and created the following list of features we wanted to integrate:

  • Accolades — Shutterbug, Conversation Starter, etc.
  • Airbnb integration — Integrate experiences and rentals into posts
  • Multimedia — Upload videos, photos, text, voice memos

photo album + journal + magic

In many ways, Seashells is a combination and expansion of the traditional photo album and journal. These models helped inform the requirements and features that users want: posting different kinds of media, tagging experiences and locations, and documenting memories.

However, the benefit of a digital product is the ability to infuse analog products with technological magic — unprecedented collaboration, fun micro-interactions, and more.


While Seashells is meant to be used in conjunction with Airbnb, our goal was to create a brand that could stand alone as well.

Style tile for Seashells. The colour scheme is teal-focused with a coral accent. There are also typography guidelines and examples of buttons and fields.


your trip on repeat

an image of the social feed with text posts and images

Post freely to the trip feed: tag locations, share written updates, save tickets — anything you can think of.

Since all members of a trip group can contribute freely to the record, the result is an authentic memory that you can play back as many times as you want.

memory quilt

the 'quilt' of a trip, with images and text posts in a collage

After a trip is over, take it all in with a gallery of your trip highlights.

The unique digital format allows for multiple media formats to document every part of your trip — combining your photo albums, journal, and video camera into a rich souvenir that captures the spirit of traveling.

nice contributions!

a screen showing a past trip to New York, showing buttons to view the live feed and the user's accolades

After a trip is over, you'll get different accolades depending on your role in the trip — you might be labeled the "Shutterbug" for sharing the most photos, or "Conversation Starter" if you're always commenting on other posts.

key screens

the onboarding flow to set up a trip: location, friends to invite, and Airbnb integrationcreating a new post and writing a caption, selecting an experience to link, and adding an imagethe flow showing navigating to past trips and viewing their quilts

outcomes + reflections

My team had a ton of fun working on Seashells — we loved our idea and wanted to create something that genuinely filled a gap.

Be flexible — 

Working remotely, I learned a lot about time management, task delegation, and collaborative workflows. Since we were in different timezones and all had other responsibilities to manage during the creative jam, we had to perfect the art of seamless handoff and asynchronous communication.

Embrace the unknown — 

We successfully created a refined, cohesive UI that felt easy to use. We overcame the unprecedented challenges that came with an information- and media-heavy design and effectively synthesized different media types to create more than just snapshots.

Final takeaways — 

My biggest takeaway was learning how creating a distinct hierarchy of information was integral to an intuitive experience. If I had more time, I would have tightened up the visual design and branding, as well as focused on details like micro-interactions and animations.

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